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About Missy E Aromas

Hello my name is Kelly and wax melts are my passion. 

Missy E Aromas uses only the best quality wax and fragrance oils. All wax melts are tested to give the best combination of aroma and lasting scent.

All melts are CLP Compliant and the  relevant safety labels are attached to each wax product.

We have a wide range of designs and aromas to choose from. fresh and fruity to clean and fresh and perfume.

So if like me you love your home to smell amazing have a browse and hopefully you will find a scent you love.

If you cant find a scent you are looking for please email me.

We are a small family business, we have 4 boys 3 being on the autism spectrum.

We designed our Logo with a hidden meaning behind it, the rainbow autism infinity symbol.

We started making our own melts for numerous reasons, one being we was tired of wasting money on melts that had little to no scent.

So we spent months researching and testing different waxes and suppliers oils before settling with the perfect blend for us.

We constantly review the quality of the products we use in our melts to make sure they are of the highest standard.

We use a home blended wax using only the best quality oils which produces a long lasting strong aroma whether you use an electric or a tea light burner.

Our personal favorite is to use an electric burner as it has less risk to fire hazards or accidents to the small ones.

And we are fully CLP compliant.

We aim to give you the widest choice possible in how you want your melts. 

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